Snow in Munich

A photo from the main road in Ottobrunn, south of Munich, a calm suburb.

It’s from last week, we have snowfall in the night and the morning, and it thaws during the day. Snowed today as well.


Typical for Germany: bicycle lanes on the sides of every major road. That’s not a Munich specialty, that’s everywhere. Low curbs, so you don’t constantly break your bike. Temperatures around freezing in the morning, when this was taken.

There’s a forecast from Free University Berlin that predicts -29 deg C in the night, in a week for this area. Let’s see how that pans out. More about that here at notrickszone .

P.S.: Oh and Germans usually don’t wear bike helmets during everyday routine travel. Only when racing or mountain biking. We make our little kids wear helmets though. They stop doing that once they’re teenagers and only pick the habit up again once they’re going on overland tours with 40 km/h on their racing bikes. They’re actually pretty responsible in that regard.


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