Urkraft: Feedback

Short notice: Managed to create video feedback with two smartphones facing each other recording each other’s display with front camera.

Will replicate later and try to post recorded stills or video sequence. Until then: Here’s a 1984 video of video feedback experiments – of course at the time done with analog equipment.

Amazing natural-looking shapes created by chaos theoretical phenomena inherent in Q-factor > 1 feedback systems… Creation of complexity as emergent phenomena.

Wolfram of Wolfram Research / Siri / Wolfram Alpha fame talks about this in his tome A New Kind Of Science.


7 thoughts on “Urkraft: Feedback”

  1. Note to self: Symmetry of some structures in the video remind me of experiments with point sets undergoing repeated affine transformations (where the result set is the superset of Ur-points and their transformations; the set is complete once further application of all given transformations does not add any points not already in the set)


  2. (an algorithm that was proposed ca. 1990 for efficient video compression; until the MPEG consortium came up with a more practical lossy video compression scheme that we still use today in its n-th iteration)


  3. Notice that the fine structure of chaotic systems (here, directly visible) is NOT random-based but deterministic – yet unforseeable until the computation has been done (Computing the next step *IS* the foresight). Chaotic structures emerge through systematic, deterministic amplification of low order state bits, shifting them left as steps go by (Q-Factor > 1 means amplification).


  4. Yes thank you again. In the mid fifties I spent 28 months in Bamberg and Wurzburg, very nice, good memories. Alfred


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