: Reduce your data guzzling

There’s a great little free add-in for Firefox called noscript¬† . Download it from there.

It blocks Javascript download and execution. After you download it, you get a small icon near the address bar of your Firefox like demonstrated here in a typical surfing session.


By default it disallows Javascript execution – this removes nearly all data-hogging advertisements. You can allow more or less restricted Javascript execution for individual websites though. Just click on the icon and choose what you need.

I do not want to discourage Javascript use; I will demonstrate in future posts what AWESOME things you can do with it – even when you are NOT a web publisher.

But sometimes the ads just get in the way or simply hog your bandwidth. In my personal use case, I am on a 2 GB/month limited mobile data plan whenever I leave my lair – which I do twice a month for 2 weeks in a row. And should I go above the limit my mobile provider throttles me – which all but kills e.g. online banking. Which I depend on at the end of the month.

So, economic data usage is essential when you’re on the go. noscript saves me real money this way. Added bonus: Ad-heavy pages load much faster.

h/t to Lars P who tipped me off about this

P.S.: Obviously the friendly weapons shop in the picture wants Javascript enabled so you can actually peruse his services. In such cases, you’ll have to bite the bullet, there’s no way around it. But, many useful sites will give you a lot of useful content even without JavaScript.

P.P.S.: Disclaimer: Tabs shown in demo surfing session have been chosen just for the fun of it and do not constitute an endorsement of spanking, Cocaine or semi-automatic rifles.



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