And this was the weather in Ottobrunn, at the southern outskirts of Munich, today at 18:00. Those white ghostly stripes are sleet. It’s about 0 deg C / 32F and rather fun to ride my tiny folding bike from work home.


Hope the snow stays for a few days more.


Global Warming

…doesn’t exist to any measurable extent in the real world. The computer models have been tuned by about 100 parameters to track a multi-decadal warming from about 1979 to 1997 and faithfully continue that trend; but even Global Warming luminaries like Dr. Michael Mann are now conceding that there hasn’t been any GW from 1997 to 2014 – in spite of rising CO2 concentrations.

This shouldn’t have happened. So the theory is wrong. Go to woodfortrees and play with the data yourself.

About clip.exe

Since at least Windows 7, Windows comes with a commandline tool called clip.exe.

It puts a file or a line into the clipboard.

I use it to write very simple code generators; for instance you can call it from a .BAT file to fill the clipboard; so all you have to do after that is press ctrl v or shift insert in your editor and there’s your generated code snippet.

So why not use MSVC’s macro facility or Eclipse’s XTEXT? Well they’re sure nice tools but I have to switch dev environs so often I need something even simpler and IDE-independent so that’s why.