APPLE Is Deeply Problematic

American colleges churn out millions of little SJW’s with little prospect of gainful employment each year, and their student debt is the only kind of debt that still requires meaningful interest payments. So it’s little wonder that they desperately scurry around trying to find SOMETHING that requires their scorn, hoping to troll their way to viral amounts of clicks. Enter the search phrase “Deeply Problematic” which inevitably leads you to their efforts in writing.

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Kremlin Continues War Against Women By Removing Their Makeup

In their seething hatred against all things Western especially feminism, they had one of their Russian propagandists create an app that removes (resp. adds) Makeup from (resp. to) a face.

As with all things Russian, the app is pure evil. Like Nazi level evil.

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Smugstorm Destroys British Isles

Attention citizens. This is just breathtaking. Britain, the world’s capital of Acid Attacks, has been devastated by a combination of the two most deadly Smugs in the world into a Smug Singularity. Yes that’s right. The Fabian Socialist BBC, feeding off the enforced license fee for decades, centered over Londonistan for ages, has entered into a Smug Feedback Loop with the American smug carrier KATHY GRIFFIN, creating smugness of previously unseen proportions.

As news of the devastation trickles in over the destroyed wires we hear that there’s not much left of civilisation West of the channel. Our hearts go out to the poor orphans. Rest In Peace, Great British Empire.

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Feminism Is The Desire To Castrate All Men

according to MTV, edgy music video culture promoter, and their employees. MTV is proud to openly promote mysandry, which is the hatred of men, on their video channel. It’s quite amazing. Does anyone still use MTV? If you do you must be an extreme feminist butch or an SJW cuckold. In that case, my condolences.

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Are the Leftists The Real Fascists?

Many people claim this again and again, “AntiFa are the real fascists”. This shows the complete lack of historical knowledge. It was fascism that was created AFTER communism / anarchism and mimicked the communist-anarchist street terror methods. AntiFa is not copying anyone: They have always been genuine communists and have always used genuine communist street terror methods.

Don’t call them the real fascists. They are normal communists.

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