Warmunism: Why Climate Models Do Not Work

I thought I’d link to this video. I keep on linking to it in comments on blogs to give non-mathematicians a glimpse at why the current Climate Models are entirely hopeless piles of crap so let’s have the link here as well. The long and short of it is, when a warmunist tells you that you have to use less fuel or electricity or what have you, understand that the only reason he can point to are the fraudulent claims of climate modelers that they have knowledge of future temperatures through their computer models. They DON’T. They’re just good at making the computer say what they want it to say. And that’s an old trick, used by Club Of Rome in Limits To Growth, and by Carl Sagan in Nuclear Winter: Both are just as fraudulent as warmunism.

So here goes:

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AfD Congress Cologne: First Attacks By Leftists

The AfD Congress in Cologne begins today, AfD = Alternative Für Deutschland, the only party for an end to the islamic mass migration, violently opposed by the establishment and the Black Bloc street terrorists and all of the slimestream media.

50,000 leftist water carriers have announced to protest the congress of the party and serve as meatshields for the red terrorists hiding in their masses. The state deploys 4,000 police just so that no wholesale slaughter occurs.

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What Is Evil? Is There Absolute Evil?

This is not a political post. It is a definition of words.

Evil is what kills you. (Being very simplistic here, but we can flesh this out in more detail later.)

Absolute Evil is then something that kills you that can be measured on an absolute objective scale. Notice that ABSOLUTE does not mean MAXIMAL.

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