Why Do Atheist Messiahs Worship Mass Murderers?

Hitchens, now deleted (atheists cease to exist after their bodies dissolve), was the atheist Messiah. He’s to this day admired by fellow atheists for his wit and sharp tongue when confronting believers of all kinds. They call him part of the “FOUR HORSEMEN”, together

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Consciousness Is Creation: Turning Noise Into Chaos Into Order

This is going to be as deep as it can get; at the borderline of philosophy and mathematics. Let’s start by laying the ground work. Watch this AMAZING lecture by Jordan Peterson esp. from 16:00 on in which he explains the concept of Yin and Yang, “Chaos” vs. “Order” as understood in Taoism.

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Feminize Your Son At The Transgender Summer Camp

This seems to be an official marketing video or something. 46min, watched only the first few seconds. An interesting document. I read about it and saw photos but we now have film evidence. Also, I have the sound off because I’m traveling. So watch at your own risk.

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