How The Left Commits Fraud To Achieve Their Goals

Omitted Variable Fraud, to be specific. A term from statistics.

It’s called Omitted Variable Bias when it happens unintentionally.  The Left though does it systematically and always, so it’s fraud. The omitted variable is race, therefore, it is the most obvious variable, omitting it can only be called fraud. Or in other words: Whether you’re a leftist or a “conservative”, as soon as you call yourself a non-racist “color blind” person, you are committing this fraud.

Let’s have a current example.

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Music: Mad Wunderkind Steamrolls Over Competition

Now, I’m a fan of Virtual Analog Synthesizers, like the free VCV Rack or the Android app Caustic 3 – which is programmed CRAZY EFFICIENT – it simulates 10 analog modules on two of my oldish ARM CPU cores with ease – and, if I were to buy a synth now it would likely be the virtual analog synth Access Virus TI. It gets you for 2000 USD what you would get for 300,000 USD if you were building it from a Moog Modular system, that’s just my estimate, not kidding, that’s about the difference given the polyphony it has.

But, there are holdouts of true analog fanatics – and their answer to the cost discrepancy is: Design it in Germany – and UK – and make it in China. Enter BEHRINGER.

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UKistan Authorities Are Stark Barking Mad

After Muslim extremists have run over European natives with trucks in SWEDEN, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, UK – barking mad wannabe James Bonds of UKistan ask LAUREN SOUTHERN how she as a Christian feels when people are run over by trucks – especially when the VICTIMS are MUSLIM. WHICH HAS NOT HAPPENED EVER IN EUROPE.

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Oh, And Merkel Has Another Chance Of Destroying Germany For Good

Everybody knows by now, she got elected to be Genosse Kanzlerin (comrade chancellorette)  last Wednesday by the Bundestag… barely… as her coalition SPD-CDU-CSU had a bunch of defectors in the secret vote. Before that, the coalition was hanging in a thread because the SPD had their members vote whether they should enter the coalition – they voted 66% yes. So… while MERKEL managed, it was a series of nontrivial hurdles. Meaning she’s weakened now.

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Robots: They Are Building Gigantic Jails For Humans Now

Robot apocalypse continues apace. While 3d printing houses looked inefficient as long as we imagined it to be a cartesian frame 3d printer needed to be erected over the volume of the house to be, Australians have done away with that need by using a gigantic robot arm – in the form of a crane with laser-guided position feedback control, allowing precise placement of bricks.

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Jewish ADL Says “Globalist” Is Antisemitic

I guess that means that Globalism is a Jewish tradition. But, I just don’t care. I find the word very descriptive. BTW, David Rockefeller wasn’t Jewish, right? (Right.) And the Rockefeller dynasty are pretty much the founders of modern Globalism.

The ADL was BTW founded to whitewash a Jewish pedophile murderer. Now they claim Globalism as a Jewish tradition. They’re liars.

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Music: Near Paris – Visions

Very typical low budget New Wave synth song ca. 1985. Bit scratchy. Never heard this one before but there was a lot of this stuff being produced by small bands at the time. Everyone had a dozen of these bands in his hometown even in Germany, usually using cheap Casio keyboards and four track cassette recordes for the production, selling cassette tape copies. So this is some kind of nostalgia.

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